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Importing Mendeley References

Mendeley is a reference manager and academic social network from Elsevier. Mendeley makes it easy to manage references during the writing process. Authorea makes it easy to integrate Mendeley into your writing workflow.

Integrating Mendeley into Authorea requires a one-time setup to change the default export option in Mendeley desktop to BibTeX.

To set BibTeX to default in Mendeley Desktop:

Step 1: Go to View > Citation Style > More Styles...

Step 2: Under Get More Styles, search for BibTeX and Install it

Step 3: Under Installed, find BibTeX and then select Use this Style

To insert Mendeley references in the Authorea editor:

Click “cite” in the Authorea editor toolbar, and you can now drag and drop (or copy paste) citations from Mendeley into the BibTeX record box at the bottom of citation window.

Updated on: 12/13/2017