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How to reorder / sort references alphabetically or by date/year?

In the web view, references are automatically sorted based on where they appear in the document. However, you can customize how your references are sorted in the export document by following these steps.

In the toolbar, select Export -> Export Options

Pick a citation style which sorts references alphabetically or by date. You have many options! You can consult the full list to pick the citation/reference style that best suits your needs. Here's some handy examples:
APA (American Psychological Association 6th edition) will sort references by first author's last name
plainyr will sort references chronologically (oldest first)

Click Save and export your document to PDF. Your references should now be sorted in the exported document.

Note: if you are using a custom vendor style upon export, the references will be sorted according to the vendor style settings.

Updated on: 05/05/2019