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How to use and import BibTeX

Under the hood, Authorea uses BibTeX, so if you want to use BibTeX to manage your references, you're in luck.

If you want to add only one citation, you can simply copy and paste your BibTeX record inside the citation tool. Click on the cite button, then click on "Add citations from reference managers" and copy and paste your BibTeX record and follow the prompts to cite and close. Make sure it is well formatted. Here's one example:

  author  = {Peter Adams}, 
  title   = {The title of the work},
  journal = {The name of the journal},
  year    = 1993,
  number  = 2,
  pages   = {201-213},
  month   = 7,
  note    = {An optional note}, 
  volume  = 4

If you want to upload an entire bibliography as a .bib file, click on Document in the toolbar, and then select Data. Browse to the bibliography folder. Upload your BibTeX file in the bibliography folder and you can now access all your citations using the cite tool hitting Local Search.

You can add as many .bib files as you like in the bibliography folder.
Please keep your BibTeX files under 2MB.

Updated on: 06/18/2019