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Including page numbers in your citations

Let's say that you want to create a citation that reads like this:
For more information, refer to Winter et al. 1997, pages 2-4.

The best way to include page numbers directly in your citation in Authorea is via LaTeX. Follow these steps:
In the place where you want to include your citation with page numbers, click Insert -> LaTeX. This will create a "LaTeX block" where your cursor is
Write your paragraph inside the LaTeX block. You can use the citation tool as normal, but it will now function in LaTeX mode, and you can modify directly the LaTeX to obtain your desired result
Click the citation tool and select a reference, it will initially show, e.g. as \cite{Winter_1997}
Modify the citation to something like: \citealt[][pages 2-4]{Winter_1997}
Click outside the LaTeX block and your citation will now display with page numbers

To see the full list of options available and to learn how to export correctly to PDF, see this guide

Updated on: 11/17/2021