Authorea is an ideal document editor for writing a dissertation or thesis, and it is going to get even better soon (see below). With a web-based interface, realtime collaboration, reference management, commenting, reviewing, and data hosting, Authorea provides a centralized workspace for creating quality student work.

We recommend that you write each chapter of your thesis as a separate Authorea article. We will soon be adding the possibility to cross-reference chapter sections (e.g. reference a figure in a different chapter) and have a shared bibliography (shared among chapters). Also- separate chapters will then be assembled and compiled into a single volume.

Authorea supports a format-neutral writing environment, which means that articles all have the same look when viewed on Authorea, but may be exported to hundreds of different styles to achieve desired formatting. We support a number of university theses styles and can add any other style, upon request.

Useful features for writing dissertations or theses:

Write in rich text, markdown, and/or LaTeX -- all in the same document
Citations may be added at any time via the cite button on the toolbar.
Bibliographies are formatted automatically
Document history and review tools allow collaboration
Host your data
Export to any style -- including your institution's very own style
Verify your users’ identities
Enforce identity verification to prevent third parties from impersonating logged-in users.
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