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Writing theses and dissertations with Authorea

Master Theses and Ph.D. Dissertations

At the moment, we discourage users to write long documents on Authorea (e.g. more than 50 pages, when printed). This is because long documents do not fit well inside a single webpage and slow down and crash your browser.

In the meantime, you can:
Use our sister application,, which supports multi-chapter documents
Write each chapter of your thesis as a separate Authorea article. We will soon be adding the possibility to cross-reference chapter sections (e.g. reference a figure in a different chapter) and have a shared bibliography (shared among chapters). Also- separate chapters will then be assembled and compiled into a single volume. Keep an eye on the Authorea roadmap posted on our blog, to know when multi-chapter support will be available in Authorea.

Updated on: 04/30/2020