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Exporting a document

Authorea supports a format-neutral writing environment, which means that articles all have the same look when viewed on Authorea, but may be exported to thousands of different styles to achieve desired formatting. Whether you need to export a document in PDF or in .docx (MS Word format), Authorea has you covered.

Any document written on Authorea may be exported at any time to PDF, Word, LaTeX (if applicable), or Zip.
Start by editing a document and locate the "Export" option on the toolbar.
If you select PDF or Word, you will get a generic single spaced, one column document with a plain citation style similar to Authorea's web view.
If you need to customize the look of your document click on Export Options and you will get a dashboard that looks like this and lets you customize the look of your exported document as well as the citation style (we support over 8,000 citation styles!)

Updated on: 04/30/2020