Is a table displaying incorrectly? Was an image not uploaded correctly? Is your affiliation wrong? Is your name misspelt? No worries! You can update and/or correct yourself the contents of your preprint as well as any author information associated with it.

Go to your preprint and click the green Edit button at the top of the document. You need to be logged in to see the Edit button.
You are now in "edit mode" and can make changes to the document's text, figures, etc.
Need to change author names or affiliations? Click the three dots on the right and select Manage Collaborators (see image below). This will allow you to edit names, add/remove affiliations, reorder authors, etc. See some examples here.
Do you need to remove the entire paper and replace it with a new one? That is possible. If your paper's main file is a PDF or Word, simply remove it (in Edit mode, click on the trash icon 🗑 in the top right of the file. If your preprint is available as in text+images, you can manually remove (select and delete) all its text and images. Then, when your document is blank, upload a new one via the toolbar (Insert -> File (any filetype)).
When you are done with your edits, you can "update" the version of your DOI, by clicking Publish again and follow the prompts.
In a matter of hours, you will have a new version of your DOI, including your corrections.

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