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Troubleshooting export errors

Troubleshooting for regular documents

Documents will occasionally have errors when exporting to various styles. Authorea has hundreds of export formats and citation styles which are constantly being updated. Export styles are created by Authorea engineers, publishing partners, and our excellent community of users who have been contributing since the exporter was open-sourced.

If you run into errors with a particular export style, please reach out to us within the document itself by using the chat bubble in the bottom right. We're there to help just about all hours of the day!

Troubleshooting for documents with LaTeX

LaTeX is notoriously temperamental. Errors are extremely common, and while we will do our best to help you troubleshoot any issues, please make sure to first view any errors in the export modal, and check to make sure the packages you are using are supported by Authorea. Instructions are below.

The majority of export errors when using LaTeX are created by an improper use of LaTeX within the document.

The first step is to view any compilation warnings or errors generated during the export process. After you Export a document, check to see if there are any warnings or errors available:

If there are numerous errors, it is possible that the document is using LaTeX packages which are not supported by Authorea.

If the error reporting is not helpful, it is possible there is an issue with the export style itself. Please contact us for assistance within the app by using the chat button (bottom right on any screen).

Updated on: 12/16/2017