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Journal Templates on Authorea

Authorea offers more than 9,000 journal templates to choose from. Journal templates follow journal guidelines so that you can submit your manuscript with the correct citation and references formatting. Available journal templates range from Nature to Science to Cell and everything in between. Some journals have very advanced templates which produce, upon export, highly formatted PDFs according to publisher provided "vendor styles". This is an example of a template for the International Journal of Quantum Chemistry which exports by default according to the vendor style Wiley Journal Format (Click Download -> User PDF to see the formatted paper, also shown below)

What if I already started or uploaded a paper without a template?

Do not worry. You can always apply the journal style at any time, upon export. Click Export -> Export Options and select the journal of your choosing from the list. Your document will now have the correct citation and reference style when exported. You can even choose a vendor style to produce a PDF formatted entirely according to a publisher-provided format, like in the image below.

wiley style

Updated on: 04/30/2020