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Do you support multiple languages?

Authorea documents can be written in any language. The editor supports all unicode characters, so you can type in your document any characters you like. So yes, whether you call your research, recherche, исследование, or 研究, you can use Authorea to write it up.

Exporting multi-language documents

In addition to writing in many languages you can also export your documents to multiple languages. A simple export will print out all your unicode characters correctly. But there's more. If you are exporting a scholarly document, it will likely have standard section like date, abstract, and references. You can choose the language for your document accordingly, so that if you pick Spanish, your date will show as "28 de Junio, 2017" and if you pick Italian, your "References" will show as "Riferimenti bibliografici" and so on. In order to select your language, click the gear icon from the toolbar and then select Document Options. In the Dashboard, select your language of choice.

Updated on: 12/12/2017