Sometimes a long equation needs to be broken over multiple lines, especially if using a double column export style.

For example, this equation would most likely span over two columns:

F = \{F_{x} \in F_{c} : (|S| > |C|) \cap
(minPixels < |S| < maxPixels) \cap
(|S_{conected}| > |S| - \epsilon)

To achieve correct break and alignment of the above equation try the code below. (Note: new lines (\\) do not work in equation environments.)

F ={} & \{F_{x} \in F_{c} : (|S| > |C|) \\
& \cap (\mathrm{minPixels} < |S| < \mathrm{maxPixels}) \\
& \cap (|S_{\mathrm{conected}}| > |S| - \epsilon)\}

will produce:

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