Interested in creating and running a collection on Authorea?

We've been getting asked more and more if Authorea can be used to not only write and preprint manuscripts but as a place to publish, collect peer reviews, and in essence, run a journal.  The short answer is yes, we're in the process of rolling out some experimental features to allow collections to (1) receive submissions from the public, (2) enable editor and reviewer roles to filter submissions and provide peer review (anonymized or not), (3) publish accepted manuscripts alongside peer review reports (transparent peer review).

An example of such collection is

Here's how to get started:

Create a user account on Authorea
Create a group/collection:
Write to us at so that we can turn on submissions and peer review features for your collection
Write to us at if you would like your custom domain/URL (such as
Instruct your authors to "submit" to your collection/journal by using the Submit button.
Use the peer review module features to screen submissions and publish approved manuscripts in your collection with a DOI!

Note: some of these features are paid features.
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