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Communities and Collections

Communities and Collections

Communities and Collections are ways to group together members and documents:
a members portal, in which members of a team or research group can post and collaborate on content.
a content portal, in which community administrators (editors) solicit, screen, and peer review content submissions by non-members

What is the difference between a Community and a Collection?

A Community is a dedicated space on It has a custom logo and banner, but it runs on an Authorea URL and it produces Authorea DOIs. Community plans are ideal for small research teams, university departments, and journal clubs. It allows them to appoint editors, invite and remove members, collaborate on content, and screen and post preprints (100 documents/DOIs per year). An example of a Community is IET Open Research.

Example of a Community: notice the Authorea logo at the top, and URL is on

A Collection is a fully branded, white-labeled portal running on its custom domain and minting custom DOIs. Collections have no limitations on users or content (unlimited seats and DOIs), or collections (an unlimited number of journals can be connected). In addition, Collections feature advanced editorial capability, custom transactional emails, and user provisioning. Collections are content sites powered by Authorea. An example of a Collection is ESS Open Archive, the preprint server for Earth and Space Science. It is connected to multiple journals, and it features subcollections for non-preprint materials such as conference proceedings and meeting abstracts.

Example of a Collection: notice the custom logo and the URL is

How do I create a Community?

Create a user account on Authorea
Write to us at letting us know the name of the Community you want to create or upgrade
We will add you as the admin / editor of the Community
To change the logo, navigate to the Community Settings and upload a logo
To change the banner, find the little camera icon 📷 in the banner and select a new banner image to change it.
Instruct your authors to "submit" to your collection/journal by using the Submit button.
Use the peer review module features to screen submissions and publish approved manuscripts in your collection with a DOI!

Want to see a live example of a Community portal with peer review? Visit Tecnologie per l'ambiente and inspect posted content (every document has peer review reports)

How do I create a Collection?

Write to us at for pricing information and more.
Once we have created a new branded Collection for you,
follow these instructions in order to customize your domain URL.

Want to see another example of a Collection? Visit ESS Open Archive

Would you like to customize the look and brand of your community or collection? Find out more about it here.

Updated on: 03/06/2024