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Can I use a custom LaTeX class or style file?

Authorea supports custom LaTeX .cls and .bst files.

If you would like to use a modified/custom version of a vendor style on Authorea, you can upload it to your document and we will use your class, style and bst files upon compilation.

Suppose for example that you want to use a modified version of the Wiley Article class which you have available locally in a file called wiley-article.cls. Follow these steps:

Click on Document -> Data in the toolbar and upload your wiley-article.cls file to the file repository (you can also upload .sty and .bst files).
Click Export -> Export Options in the toolbar and select a Wiley vendor format (e.g. Wiley Alpha). This is so you produce the line \documentclass[alpha-refs]{wiley-article} at the top of your exported LaTeX.
When you click Export -> PDF now, we will load your custom Wiley document class.

Updated on: 04/30/2020