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Commenting on documents

Authorea has a new powerful commenting framework built into the editor.

How to comment

To insert a comment anywhere on the document, click on the comment icon at the top of any document and that will open the sidebar, where you can see and make comments.

Private comments

If you are a collaborator on the document you can make private comments. Private comments can be anchored to the text, i.e. you can highlight some text and hit the comment bubble that shows up on the right.

Use private comments to discuss specific parts of your text such as typos, grammar, style, language and reviews.

Public comments

If you are not a collaborator on a document you can only view and make public comments which are document-level comments, unanchored to the text. You can still highlight and quote a part of the text.

Use public comments to gather and leave feedback on documents with the general public.

Updated on: 10/28/2019