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Jupyter and IPython Notebooks

Authorea documents are more than just text and figures. Every Authorea document is a Git repository that can host data, source code and any other related supplemental material. You can add Jupyter / IPython Notebooks to a figure and allow your coauthors and the public to execute them.

Note: our Jupyter server runs Python version 2.7.6. It will not be upgraded to a newer version of Python for the time being (sorry). If you need a newer version of Python, consider uploading your code to Binder and then add it as a Data Link in your figure.

To add a Jupyter Notebook to Authorea

Add a figure to your document (a static version of your output)
Click on the figure (make sure you are in Edit mode)
Click on Attach code / notebook (.ipynb)
Select a .ipynb file to attach (please note warning: Python version 2.7.6 or lower).
The Notebook will be added as a dataset in the Figure folder and can be run directly within your article by clicking the code icon next to the figure.

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Updated on: 05/11/2020