We hear you. The last thing we want is pricing to be a barrier for using Authorea. There are a couple of options.

1. Invite some friends for 2 free private articles
If you invite 3 friends to Authorea, you get 1 extra private article (look for the connections button in your homepage). If you then invite another 10, you get 1 more private article.

2. Use your student email for 10 free private articles
If you are a student and you plan to use Authorea for educational purposes only, we will give you 10 extra private documents for free. 🎉 Here's how to claim your 10 free private documents:

Make sure you are registered to Authorea with your academic email (e.g. @ucla.edu or @ucl.ac.uk)
Send us a note via the application chat (the chat bubble at the bottom right of the screen) saying: "I am student, please give me more Authorea documents"
That's it, we will upgrade your account with 10 extra private documents, for free.

3. Let us know
Another option is to ask your librarian or the IT folks for an Authorea software license. If they say no, let us know at info@authorea.com and we'll help you out.
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