Authorea allows direct submission to eLife from an Authorea document. To submit, make sure your document is structured as follows and then hit "Publish" from the toolbar and select eLife.

You will receive confirmation from eLife regarding your submission and will be able to change any metadata or files you wish once your content is sent to eLife


The title should ideally be fewer than 120 characters, with a clear indication of the biological system under investigation (if appropriate), and should avoid abbreviations and unfamiliar acronyms if possible. Please note that two-part titles – e.g. “What goes up must come down: Oscillations in transcriptional networks” – are not permitted for research papers.

Author names and affiliations

A complete list of authors and affiliations should be provided in the paper itself.


The abstract should be fewer than 150 words and should not contain subheadings. It should provide a clear, measured, and concise summary of the work. If the biological system (species names or broader taxonomic groups if appropriate) is not mentioned in the title, it must be included in the abstract.

Introduction, Results, Discussion, Materials and Methods

We encourage a clear and concise style of writing. Various writing guides are available, including Preparing a Manuscript for Submission to a Biomedical Journal (ICMJE) and The Elements of Style (New York:, 1999).

Any "personal communications" relating to unpublished data should be incorporated within the main text, in the following format: (Author Initial(s) and Surname, personal communication, Month and Year). Authors should have permission from anyone named in this way and should be aware that a supporting letter will sometimes be requested.

Within the Materials and Methods and/or figure legends, we encourage authors to provide complete information about their experiments, analyses, or data collection to ensure that readers can easily understand what was measured and analysed, and can accurately perform the relevant protocols.

In cases where a new method within the submission would benefit from step-by-step protocols in addition to the methods described in the article, we would encourage authors to also consider submitting a detailed protocol to Bio-protocol.

On first mention, please provide details of any manufacturers in the following format: company name, city, country (or state, if based in the United States).


Individuals who have contributed materially to the work, but do not satisfy the authorship criteria should be listed in the acknowledgements section. Authors should seek permission to include any individuals mentioned in the acknowledgements.

Competing interests

At this stage we request that the corresponding author provides a statement of financial and non-financial competing interests on behalf of all authors. Examples include paid employment or consultancy, stock ownership, patent applications, personal relationships with relevant individuals, and membership of an advisory board.


Accepted and published works should be cited in the reference list, along with any citable datasets.

Examples of the author-year referencing style used in eLife articles can be found below. However, authors do not need to spend time formatting their references and can submit manuscripts formatted in a variety of reference styles, including Harvard, Vancouver, and Chicago. Wherever possible, please do not truncate the number of authors in the references list, but please do provide a DOI if possible.
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